Friday, August 19, 2005

Royal Funk Words...

Related Words - coward, chicken, craven, dastard, funker, poltroon, quitter, yellowbelly

My first patient today told me that she was in a royal funk, rather like a burn-out in her recovery program. I've known her for quite awhile now & while she is doing very well, she is in one of the more difficult parts of her path...where big changes are not seen, but the daily disciplines must continue to be in place if change is to happen down the path.

When I first met her she was almost knocking on the door of diabetes. Her body fat percentage was quite high & her lifestyle behaviors were typical of a person in her path position. Of course, she needed to make lots of changes, not only in the practical sense, but emotionally & behaviorally as well.

In her behalf, she was highly my opinion, mainly by fear of becoming diabetic or having a heart attack. Fear is usually a great motivator. The sicker the individual, the easier the changes. However, when someone hasn't experienced a motivating level of fear, they are less likely to participate in the change mechanism.

They may even refuse, or make up & accept excuses that will get in their way. We call this denial, rationalization or avoidance of the truth. That's why a person who just wants to lose weight to get into a smaller size is not likely to be successful.......especially if they have a high body fat percentage. What has to happen on a daily basis just doesn't seem worth it, but when you add fear into the equation, the desire to be compliant rises to the level of fear.

I find this quite often in smokers, especially those looking for the magician or wizard. They would like to stop smoking, but they really don't want to work at it......but, if hypnosis will just allow them to stop thinking about wanting a cigarette, they will consider it. Obviously, this person is not going to stop smoking until the fear-factor increases.

But, back to my patient with the royal funk. It's funny how things happen. I was thinking about her before her appointment & had made up my mind to push her into some changes that probably she wouldn't want to make. I was a little nervous about this, but had definitely made up my mind to go for it. This was before I knew about the royal funk. & how happy I was to hear that this accompanied her into the office today.

Let me explain why I was so happy. Royal funks are precursors of major change! The subconscious mind is alerting the individual that there is an uncomfortable level of dissatisfaction with this, that or the other. The individual is coming out of automatic-pilot stagnation! How perfect for what I had in mind. In this instance, my patient had made her primary changes very well, but the body & the mind needed more. She was ready to enter a new level of self-care, one that she would not have been able to manage earlier in her recovery.

The time was right & the mind was ready. When someone has the primary changes in place, the next avenue is to enhance the exercise program, as well as to introduce the person to the segment of the population who works diligently on a daily basis to bring their bodies beyond the norm.

You will find this segment of the population at your local gym. Day in & day out, there they are........& not just the svelte younger set. In our local gym, the one that I frequent, you will find people of all ages, including the quite elderly, each focused on their own exercise program & goals. To use an excellent metaphor, it is really very moving to observe them....& this environment is definitely contageous in a very positive sense.

It would not be enough to give her direct suggestions about going to the gym. I needed to take her there hypnotically & motivate the entire daily process. I also needed to take her into the future where she could truly feel all the gifts she would be receiving. I decided that these gifts had to be beyond what she was already working towards. In other words, I had to make a supercalifragilisticexpealadious experience for her to try on for size.

This meant some very powerful imagery that was emotionally charged. I also had to order the parts of the change. She had to commit to visiting the gym, getting the paperwork, signing up, organizing her orientation, moving past the fears of this & into her first day, including organizing her clothes for work, etc. In hypnosis, this is done in a matter of minutes. The die is cast & the motivation is placed...

Now, we all have royal funk experiences, myself included. Instead of smoldering with them, recognize them for what they are & get excited about the power & energy they hold. Decide to open them & go for the gold.


I recognize my royal funks easily. I move through them quickly & transmute their energy into positive, creative outcomes. ...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


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